GeoN Pore Pressure Meter

The GeoN Pore Pressure Kit consists of a pressure transducer, a cable and a read out unit/logger, Pi30. A single-ended hypodermic needle is mounted on the transducer.

When the transducer is lowered down through the pipe to the filter tip, the needle penetrates the rubber disc in the tip, the transducer connects to the aquifer. The water pressure will be transferred through the needle to the sensor of the transducer. The pressure is shown in the display of Pi30.

The transducer can either be pulled up again in order to be used in another point or it can be permanently connected to the filter tip for a continuous measurement of the pore pressure, Pi30 then used as an auto logger.

You can connect the Pi30 to your PC for data transfer and further data handling. Used as a logger, Pi30 stores 4.000 values.

For transfer of pore pressure data by GSM/Internet, GeoNordic AB has a cooperation with Bergsäker AB concerning Bergsäker Avanet, a concept that includes data transfer as well as data handling and presentation. The client is “on- line” with the sensors and can read the results from any PC, connected to Internet, just by entering the Bergsäker web site and by giving username and password. Thanks to a two-way communication, measuring frequencies and calling frequencies can be entered and changed as well as warning levels.

For further information regarding Bergsäker Avanet, we refer to that soon will be available also in English. For additional information in English, please get in touch with GeoNordic AB

Features of the GeoN Pore Pressure Meter:

  • One single equipment can be used for measurements in an unlimited number of points
  • The transducer is not a part of the filter tip which makes installation of the tip uncomplicated
  • Permanently installed (for continuous measurement), the transducer can anytime be pulled up for checking of the zero reading, for a general function check, for calibration, repair or replacement
  • A clogged filter can easily be flushed by use of a GeoN Groundwater sampler (1” system) - Gas in the filter tip can easily be removed by use of a GeoN Groundwater Sampler (1” system)

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